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Hirvikoski- Antinranta (beach) (5,7 km)


This paddling stretch starts at Hirvikoski. The river is wide and flows peacefully through large fields. There are a lot of houses and summer cottages by the river. There is also other traffic than paddlers and the rapid waters are marked by official buoyage signs. Be careful when meeting with a motor boat. This route is easy to paddle. There are some minor water areas with a bit faster flow. At the end of the route there are islands which you can pass as you wish. The regular route follows the left branch. 

When approaching the finish of this stretch, with Lake Tammijärvi ahead, keep to the right if you like to have a pause at Antinranta before the next stretch. There is a beach and resting place by a little bay of Lake Tammijärvi some 200 metres to the right. Antinranta is suitable for putting up a tent for the night. But if are not in need of a break you can take the left branch and go on paddling to the next resting place at Koivuviikki some 2 kilometres down the river.