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Hirvivuolle - Hirvikoski (5,8 km)


This paddling route begins below Hirvivuolle dam and ends below the Hirvikoski rapids. The route has several smaller areas of rapid waters and finally Vaskivuolle stretch which is pretty easy to paddle. At first the river flows through the forest but after one kilometre you can see wide fields on both sides. There are lots of summer cottages along the route which means you have be careful where to go ashore.

There are many islands on this route. You can freely choose how to pass them. 

If the water is high the Hirvikoski rapids are challenging for an unexperienced paddler. It is better to check the rapids in advance from the bridge. If You want to carry the canoe you can go ashore to the right of the bridge. There you find a good path of some 100 metres.  If You don’t need to make a campfire you can stop on the cliffs below the rapids. The campfire site is 200 metres down the river to the right.

Hirvivuolle boat ramp


The resting place on the southern
bank of Hirvikoski                                                    The hut on the southern bank of Hirvikoski​                      


The outhouse  on the southern bank of Hirvikoski


The quay on the northern bank of Hirvikoski        The resting place on the northern bank of Hirvikoski