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Kultaa- Hirvivuolle dam (6,9 km)


After the Kultaa rapids the river flows into wilderness. At first the river is wide and slow-flowing. After two kilometres the river divides into two main branches, the Pernoo branch on the left and the Hirvikoski branch on the right. Take the Hirvikoski branch. Very soon you can notice two islands in the river. You can take whichever route you like around these islands. The most recommended route goes, however, farthest on the right. The landscape and flow are quite similar regardless how you paddle round the islands. You are now in the wilderness area where it is possible to see grey herons or big hawks.

After some six kilometres there is a small lake called Hirvijärvi on your right and on your left there is Valkmusa Nature Resort maintained by the Finnish government. The nature trail of 2,2 km in the area includes a tower for watching birds. You can find the path by taking the road across Hirvivuolle dam and walking some 1, 4 km to the south. You can see the signs guiding you to the trail.


This paddling stretch ends at Hirvivuolle dam. On the right there is a good spot to step on land. The route has a few fast-flowing parts but they are easy to paddle through.

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