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Sights and attractions


Kuovinkallio lookout

The path from Kuovinkallio camping shelter leads up to Kuovinkallio hill. From the top of the hill there is a beautiful view of the rapids Päijänteenkoski and Keskikoski. You can also notice the big piles of rocks originating from the river clearing in the beginning of last century.



Valkmusa National Park

In Valkmusa National Park you can admire great peatland panoramas. In summer you can take the short duckboard trail, in winter it is possible to go skiing anywhere. 


Valkmusa National Park includes the largest and the most versatile marshlands in coastal southern Finland. The western branch of the river Kymijoki flows through the northern part of Valkmusa. There is very little forest in the National Park, less than 2 km2. On the edge of the bog there are high rocks and a nature tower for enjoying the scenery and watching the birds.



There are more than 30 different types of peatland in Valkmusa which makes the landscape very special in southern Finland. The bogs in their natural state are also internationally valuable. The peatlands belonging to the National Park are Munasuo, Valkmusa, Kananiemensuo and Mustajärvensuo.

Munasuo includes some ombrotrophic raised bogs. The centres of these bogs are higher than the edges.

Kananiemensuo also has diverse types of peatland.

In Valkmusa National Park you can take the marked 2,5 km route which starts at the parking area. The lookout tower by the route gives you a fantastic view of the wide peatland.


Strömfors Ironworks

Baron Johan Creutz established a smithy at Petjärvi village in 1695. The forests and  rapids nearby gave excellent operating conditions to the smithy. 1744 the smithy was named Strömfors by the new owners Anders Norhström and Jakob Forsell. They developed the smithy and established also a saw mill and a grain mill. In 1781 the son of Jakob Forsell, Henrik Johan af Forselles became the new owner of the business. Virginia af Forselles, his widow inherited the smithy and the family af Forselles ran the business for 132 years until 1876. The smithy area looks today very much the same as it did in those days.

In 1886 the business was sold to Antti Ahlström and he turned the focus on the saw mill. In 1947 A. Ahlström Ltd. established there a factory to make plastic and electricity products. After 250 years the ironworks was closed in 1950 and three years later the saw mill was closed as well. In 1969 the area of Strömfors was set under special protection. Strömfors is protected by Finnish National Board of Antiquities.

Ruotsinpyhtää church, completed in 1770, renovated in 1898, is located in the ironworks area. The altarpiece Resurrection was painted by Helene Schjefbeck in 1898. It was the first and only altarpiece she ever painted.




Savukoski Bridge

Savukoski bridge was built in 1926-1928 when the road across the river Kymijoki was realigned. The bridge was made by the Danish company Christiani & Nielsen. The bridge was constructed by using a cableway. When ready it was unique, both technically and internationally. In1967 a new bridge and road were built below Ahvenkoski power plant and the the old bridge became useless. Savukoski bridge was repaired as a museum bridge in the 1980’s.