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Villa Teininiemi

€80.00 / d

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A new accommodation on Repovesi shore in Teininiemi, Hillosensalmi. When the lake is not having ice cover there are four two-person accommodations to rent with electric heating. There is also a main building with living room, kitchen and sauna. There are also a barbecue hut and dry toilet in the courtyard.


The accommodation is an additional service for Seikkailuviikari canoe and kayak renters and water taxi customers.


Villa and courtyard
The villa was built in the 70’s. It consists of a kitchen, a spacious living room, a sauna, a cold room and separate rooms for additional accommodations. Outside there are seven small cabins, four of which are rentable, a dry toilet and a barbeque hut. There also a private dock.

There are accommodations for 8 persons. Setting up tents on the villa premises is not allowed. It is also notable that there might be other overnighters and / or sauna users at the same time in which case about using common areas should be agreed together.

The villa is situated 2 kilometers from Karhulahti lay-by.

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Water taxi customers are transported straight to villa shore / dock. Order the water taxi: + 358 500 862 862 (Kari Niemi, SeikkailuviiKari Oy).

•    Kitchen
•    Fridge
•    Drilled well
•    In the house open fireplace for heating (basic heat with air-source heat pump)
•    Wood-heated sauna, hot-water tank
•    Own beach and dock
•    Dishes for 8 persons
•    Coffee pot, frying pan and two pots
•    4 x 2 person accommodation buildings with duvets, pillows and  linen
•    Woodshed with firewood
•    Dry toilet
•    Barbeque hut
•    Ax for chopping wood

NB! The facilities include linen. You can find them in the main building storage room. Used linen should be put to the laundry basket.

Reserving and using the villa

The villa is reservable to SeikkaluviiKari canoeing gear renters and water taxi customers only.

The villa is at your disposal from noon on arrival day to 10 AM on departure day.

The main building key is in a key box on the premises. The PIN code of the box is texted when reserving equipment or water taxi services. The key must be returned to the box immediately after unlocking the door and the code lock needs to be mixed up.

The cabin keys are in the kitchen cupboard (key image on door). The renter is responsible for the keys during the stay. At the end of the reservation the keys should be returned to the right place. A fee will be charged for an unreturned key.


Cleanliness, final clean up ja trash


The renter is responsible for the cleanliness of the buildings and premises. The villa and accommodations must be carefully cleaned after use.

The renters need to practice trash free camping. Organic waste can be put to the dry toilet among the dehydrant, and energy waste (no aluminum lined materials or materials consisting of metals) can be burned in the sauna oven or the fireplace. Burnable waste should not be left for next renters as kindling. All other waste should be taken away. Foods of any kind should not be left at the villa.

Not allowed.

The renter and his companions are responsible for the villa and the accommodations. Please get familiar with the terms before making a reservation.