Kymijoki River is quite a backwoods river. Especially the leg from Susikoski to Pernoo and Hirvivuolle is very unrefined. On this route the paddler very likely observes several rare birds. One of the surest attractions is the Grey Heron, which nests in the area. There is also a great number of large hawks to be seen. Along the route is located the Valkmusa national park, which is a typical example of South-Eastern Finnish swamp sights. The most famous inhabitant of Valkmusa is the osprey.

The River Kymijoki is largely part of a Natura 2000 site. In addition, the large free rapids of the Kymijoki River are protected by the Rays Protection Act. The catchment area of the Kymijoki river basin is 37 107 square kilometres, or 11 % of the total area of Finland, and it has a lake coverage of 19.7%. The Kymijoki is the fourth largest river in Finland in terms of discharge, with an average flow of 291 m3/s. The river splits in two below Kultaankoski, where the main branch of the Kymijoki River splits into the Eastern Pernoo branch and the Western Hirvikoski branch. Both main branches split into smaller river tributaries before reaching the sea. In total, the Kymijoki flows into the sea in five branches.

River branches of the Kymijoki

  • Hirvikoskenhaara

  • Pernoonhaara

  • korkeakoskenhaara

  • Langinkoskenhaara

  • Ahvenkoskenhaara

  • Pyhtäänhaara

Free rapids of the Kymijoki River

  • Susikoski

  • Piirteenkoski

  • Tiirankari

  • Ahvionkosket

  • Kultaankosket

  • Laajakoski

  • Siikakoski

  • Kokonkoski

  • Hinttulankoski

  • Kyminkartanonkoski

  • Rautatienkoski

  • Hovinkoski

  • Tattarinkoski

  • Langinkoski

  • Hirvikoski

  • Hattarinkoski

  • Hellinkoski

Kymijoki River power plants or dams

  • Ankkapurha

  • Hirvivuolle

  • Korkeakoski

  • Koivukoski

  • Paaskoski

  • Klåsarö

  • Ediskoski

  • Struka

  • Paaskoski

  • Strömfors

  • Ahvenkoski

Video of the Hirvenkoskenhaara paddling route

Kymijoki River in general

Kymijoki River’s watershed is 37 107 km2 which is about 11 % of the surface area of Finland, and its percentage in lakes is 19,7 %.

Activities and programme services on Kymijoki River

Kymijoki River’s free running rapids and fast-flowing waters enable carrying out many kinds of activities in Kymenlaakso

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The Kymijoki River’s paddling routes

The Kymijoki River offers great opportunities to paddlers. As it is accessible and easy going, Kymijoki River is one of the fastest developing paddling areas in Finland. Despite its southern...

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Kymijoki River attractions

Rapids, nature and cultural history

Kymijoki River services

Services along Kymijoki River Hirvenkoskenhaara (Inkeroinen-Ruotsinpyhtää) paddling route.