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Rental double kayaks

Rental double kayaks

The waters of Northern Valkeala, such as Vuohijärvi, Repovesi, Tihvetjärvi and Kapiavesi offer a lot of paddling routes and beautiful sceneries. Hillosensalmi paddling base along Repovesi-Verla route is a self-service base with rental canoes, kayaks and boats. When separately agreed the equipment can be transported also to Mäntyharju, Kymijoki River or Väliväylä.


Double kayak fits two paddlers and paddles faster than the single. This a right choice also when one of the paddlers is less experienced.


How to get started?

Reserve the rental equipment on the day of your choosing. You can pick up your rental equipment on Hillosensalmi paddling base, SeikkailuviiKari Oy’s service point for Repovesi visitors and hikers on longer routes. The address of the base is Repovedentie 2, 47910 Hillosensalmi. You can also park your car there.

The ground for payment is one day. The equipment is collectable at 10.30 AM on the first day and it must be returned at 10.00 AM on the last day.

If the equipment is not returned by the end of the rental period, the next day’s rent will be charged in addition. One day is the shortest rental period, and the total price is determined by the number of rental days. In rentals over one week, please ask for a special offer.

What do I need to bring?

The rental price includes a paddle, a floating vest, a route map and a spray skirt that are the equipment you need for a one-day trek. A spray skirt keeps the kayak cockpit dry in all weather conditions. What you need to bring with you are weather appropriate clothing, water bottle and packed lunch.

Transport services

When agreed beforehand the equipment will be transported for a fee from Repovesi area to Mäntyharju, Kymijoki or Väliväylä. In addition to the equipment (kayaks, canoes, boats) also paddlers fit into the nine-seat van.

Instructions to renters

  • Always wear canoeing vests and helmets on rapids. Check the condition of the equipment before taking off. Never use broken canoes or equipment. When retrieving the equipment make sure you have everything you need.

  • Paddle sober and preferably in a group. If paddling alone make sure you stay within swimming distance from the shore. Do not overestimate your skills and don’t forget the dangers and effects of cold water.

  • In group events always remember the responsibilities of the organizer. Use only authorized and qualified paddling coaches and guides. In chargeable events there should be a guide with lifesaving skills. There can only be 16 paddlers and 10 canoes for one guide.

  • Vests should be chosen by size. Fit is more important than weight guidelines. All our vests meant for adults carry the instructed minimum of 50 Newton.

  • The paddles’ right length is found the easiest by testing. Exchange paddles on the way.

  • The way to transport the canoes should be planned together when retrieving them. A canoe breaks most commonly when taking it down from car’s roof-rack. Be careful and reasonable. We are happy to give advice.

  • Notice that equipment is transported on one’s own from the storage to the shore and back using the canoe cart. The cart should not be left on the shore, but is needs to be returned to the storage for the duration of the trek.

  • Every canoe equipment includes paddles, vests, hand bailer, map, watertight equipment bag / container and helmets when paddling in flowing water. The canoes have stickers that say ”When paddling always use paddling vest, check the floating devices and have the bailer at hand. They add to your security”. In case the sticker has worn from your canoe, this written instruction makes up for it.

  • Do not blindly trust the route guides, always check the route yourself. You are responsible for your own safety. Ask for advice, it’s in everyone’s best interest.