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The Kymijoki River’s paddling routes

The Kymijoki River offers great opportunities to paddlers. As it is accessible and easy going, Kymijoki River is one of the fastest developing paddling areas in Finland. Despite its southern location the Kymijoki River flows long stretches in complete wilderness where you can enjoy the wild nature.

We serve the paddlers by renting canoes and kayaks. When needed we offer transportation to the starting point and back after the end of the journey. Our transportation services include Kymijoki River as well as Väliväylä (Lappeenranta-Kouvola) and Mäntyharju (Mäntyharju-Repovesi /Keisarinlähde) paddling routes. We also arrange guided paddling trips.

Inkeroinen-Strömfors (Ruotsinpyhtään ruukki) route

Total length 52,2 km

Paddling map and route leaflet: Inkeroinen - Strömfors (Ruotsinpyhtään ruukki) reittiopas

More info on the route: Outdoor active - Kymijoen Hirvikoskenhaaran melontareitti, (Kouvola, Kotka, Pyhtää, Loviisa)

The route starts from Inkeroinen raft shore and continues downriver. Kymijoki River paddling route is a so-called recreational route, where the course is divided into 5–6-kilometer legs. The total length of the route is about 52 kilometers, and it can take 2-3 days to finish it. Along the way there are several maintained resting points and travelling service providers.

Paddling legs lengths:

  • Inkeroinen – Huhdanniemi lean-to 3,9 km

  • Huhdanniemi – Susikoski lean-to 6,2 km

  • Susikoski – Ahvio lean-to 5,6 km

  • Ahvio – Kultaa lean-to 5,2 km

  • Kultaa – ProKajak (accommodation) 2,9 km

  • Kultaa – Hirvivuoltee regulation dam 6,9 km

  • Hirvivuolle – Hirvikoski 5,8 km

  • Hirvikoski – Antinranta (beach) 5,7 km

  • Antinranta – Koivuviikki - Strömfors 11,8 km

Resting points on the route

5 equipped targets

Rapid areas in the route

5 free running rapid areas and one stemmed rapid (Hirvivuolle). There are also several smaller streams in the area.

Carrying passages on the route

On the route there are two regulation dams, where you must carry the canoe. The carrying distance is very short in both cases. Passing the rapids by carrying canoes is also possible.

Attractions on the route

  • All free rapid areas

  • Kuovinkallio lookout

  • Valkmusa conservation area

  • Strömfors ironworks area

The length of the route 

Total length: 52,2 km

Suitable for 

For the most part the route is suitable for paddlers of all levels. There are two rapids that demand paddling experience: Ahvionkoskis and Hirvikoski. In these areas an unexperienced paddler should explore the rapids beforehand. Both rapids can also be passed carrying the canoe. 

Estimated duration of the route

2 persons paddling on an open canoe on average 2-3 days. On kayak 1-2 days.

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