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Kuutinlahti paddling base

Kuutinlahti paddling base is a self-service point in the middle of Repovesi National Park at the feet of Mustalamminvuori Mountain. It enables combining paddling to a hiking tour.

The paddling base is a self-service point for self-acting Repovesi visitors. There is no service on the base, instead using canoes is based on a strong trust between the merchant and the customer. You’ll have the equipment at your disposal with a special number code.

The base’s equipment is operated at one’s own risk. The customer needs to have previous experience of canoeing and good knowledge of the equipment. Also swimming skills are necessary.

Location of the base

Kuutinlahti paddling base is located at the feet of Mustalamminvuori Mountain between Kuutinkämppä and Mustavuori goathi (Kuutinkämppä about 150m, Mustavuoren kota about 100m). The path to the base leaves the main path where another path leaves to Mustanlamminvuoren päälle näkötornille (400m).

NB! Please honor the private areas around the huts, do not walk through their grounds.


Paddling on Repovesi


Repovesi presents itself in all its glory when looking from the waters. There are plenty of route choices and a lot to see. It is important to remember a few ground rules and guidelines.

More info: Melominen Repoveden kansallispuistossa (Tervarumpu).

How to get started?

Reserve the rental equipment on the day of your choosing. When your reservation period starts you can pick up your rental equipment on Lapinsalmi paddling base yourself.

The equipment is waiting in a locked storage. Before your reservation period starts, you’ll receive a number code that opens the equipment storage.