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Activities and programme services on Kymijoki River

Kymijoki River’s free running rapids and fast-flowing waters enable carrying out many kinds of activities in Kymenlaakso. From Mid-Kymi down to the sea there are several rapid areas where paddlers can challenge themselves in the nature. Kymijoki River divides the wilderness, flows through villages, sometimes expands to large lake areas, and finally flows into Gulf of Finland in five different riverbeds. Kymijoki River has a significant role in our history. It’s been a border between the Tavastians and the Karelians, it's been the national boundary and today it forms a border between Kouvola and Kotka cities.

SeikkailuviiKari offers many interesting activities on Kymijoki River. Our activities consist of for instance rafting and paddling expeditions. Most of our activities include transportation from and to the hangout, a nice restaurant, where you’ll enjoy your welcoming coffees and after the expedition you can also have a meal.