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The South-Eastern paddling route leads the paddlers through the interesting waters of the South-Eastern Finland. The route flowing through Southern Saimaa, Väliväylä and Kymijoki River offers passages for paddlers of all levels and there are plenty of rest areas along the way.

Check out all our services along the route! We’ll rent canoes and kayaks for you. We’ll also transport you and the equipment your starting point and over the power plants and after the trek we’ll drive you back.


The trek starts from Lappeenranta, where the paddlers are pampered with the most gorgeous sceneries in Saimaa. Väliväylä water route has been a significant timber rafting route from Saimaa to Kymijoki River. Today the route offers the paddlers narrow lakes, verdant streams, and easy rapids.

When arriving to Käyrälampi Kouvola the paddlers can enjoy the services, such as sauna, meals and accommodations. There’s also Tykkimäki amusement park to visit.

The Väliväylä passage ends in Kuusaanlampi, Kouvola, from where the canoes are transported past the power plants to Kymijoki River, Ankkapurha slipway.

The paddling route continues along the steadily flowing Kymijoki River towards Ahvio rapid area. You can choose many kinds of courses around the pristine islands and possibly pass the wildest rapids by carrying the canoes. In addition to the rapid areas the route offers you also wild nature and peaceful countryside.

The paddling route ends in idyllic Strömfors foundry area in Loviisa that offers excellent restaurant services and many kinds of attractions.