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Water taxi services

Water taxi services

Seikkailuviikari Oy offers water taxi services on Repovesi and Vuohijärvi. At your disposal there are an atmospheric wooden boat "Seikkailuviikari" and a speedier Buster Magnum.

Where from and where to?

The water taxi station is in Hillosensalmi from where you’ll be transported to the location of your choice. Some of the most popular destinations are for instance Karhulahti, Mustavuori, Kuutinkanava and Määkijä. The water taxi can also collect you from the park and bring you to for example Hillosensalmi or Lapinsalmi entrance.

There are some accommodations, to where the water taxi can take you: Huvila TeininiemiKuutinkämppäPihkapirtti, Mustavuori hut, Määkijä hut ja Karhulahti hut in Repovesi National Park, Kirjokivi Manor ashore Tihvet lake and Orilammen lomakeskus ashore Vuohijärvi lake.


On Repovesi 50 eur/direction
On Vuohijärvi 60 eur/direction


Wooden boat "Seikkailuviikari" 12 persons
Buster Magnum 8 persons

Calling water taxi and charter drive

You can call a taxi by phone. The water taxi can also be reserved beforehand. Call a taxi on 0500 862 862 (Kari Niemi, Seikkailuviikari Oy).